mailing lists


The user list is for general questions about using, configuring and running OpenSpotLight. The list is open to everyone.


This list is for people developing tools or who are contributing to the OpenSpotLight codebase itself.


OpenSpotLight, like any other opensource project, relies heavily on the efforts of the entire user community to be ever vigilant for improvements, logging of defects, communicating use-cases, generating documentation, and being wary of other users in need. This is a quick guide outlining what members of the OpenSpotLight community may do to make the system work better for everyone:

  • Join the mailing list and answer other user’s questions
  • Report bugs, feature requests and other issues in the issue tracker.
  • Build OpenSpotLight for yourself, in order to fix bugs.
  • Submit Patches to reported issues (both those you find, or that others have filed)
  • Help with the documentation by pointing out areas that are lacking or unclear, and if you are so inclined, submitting patches to correct it.

why help?

Your participation in the community is much appreciated. And there are several reasons this is a good thing for you :

  • By answering other people’s questions, you can learn more for yourself
  • By submitting your own fixes, they get incorporated faster
  • By reporting issues, you ensure that bugs don’t get missed, or forgotten
  • You are giving back to a community that has given you software for free

copyright consideration

OpenSpotLight is developed by CaravelaTech, a brazilian IT company. It is distributed under a free open-source license. However, CaravelaTech wants to retain copyright on the entire codebase. So, if you want to contribute code to OpenSpotLight, and you don’t work for CaravelaTech , we may ask you to grant copyright on your contribution to us. This is not some sort of evil world domination scheme, just a legal precaution.




special thanks

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